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ASPO Conference 2012: 30.5.-1.6., Vienna

This years conference of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO) will take place in Vienna from 30th May to 1st June. ASPO is hugely important for the investigation of the geological fundamentals of peak oil. Dr. Werner Zittel, working at the LBST and member of the Energywatchgroup in Germany, part of ASPO, will be one of the speakers. He has written an updated report on peak oil, gas and coal in 2010, funded within the project “Save our Surface” and has released a report on metal availabilites in 2012, funded by the project “Feasible Futures“.

The conference website is http://www.aspo2012.at/

Topics are:

  • The Future of Energy Supply and Demand
  • The Decline of Conventional Oil & Gas
  • Europe´s Shale-Gas Perspective
  • The Availability of Fossil Energy
  • The geopolitical Perspective of Energy supply and infrastructure
  • Economical and Societal Consequences of the Second Half of the Oil Age
  • Strategy Options: Resilience & Transformation
  • Peak Oil & Urban Design
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